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TIE/bc Boarding Craft
Sienar Fleet Systems
Combat Designation
Assault Transport
1 pilot
Two SFS L-s1 Laser Cannons
No shields; Titanium hull with Quadranium Steel armored Solar Panels

A special model of the TIE Shuttle, this custom TIE built on the basic TIE Bomber model had its weapons pod gutted and re-fitted to carry commandos or repair techs. The pod is small and tight, able to hold only a few commandos. Thus, when making a boarding strike on a larger pirate ship, several of these TIE/bc's are necessary in order to implant enough troopers in the ship to overcome any opposition. Not surprisingly, this TIE concept was not very popular or widely used, as Lambda-class Shuttles, Delta-class Shuttles, and Gamma-class ATR Assault Transports, and even Action-class Stormtrooper transports could do a better job, carrying more personnel and defended by stronger shields and armor. The TIE/bc's only advantage is very minimal: speed. It gets the troops to the target faster and presents a smaller profile for the guns aboard the enemy ship.

TIE Short Range Fighter
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