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TIE/ad "Avenger" Advanced Fighter
Sienar Fleet Systems
Combat Designation
Space Superiority Fighter/Interceptor
Power System
SFS I-s3a solar ionization reactor
Propulsion System
SFS P-sx7.4 Twin Ion Engines (230 KTU)
Flight Control System
SFS F-s5x flight avionics system

SFS N-s6 Navcon computer system
1 pilot
Speed Rating
145 MGLT
Maneuverability Rating
150 DPF
Four SFS L-s9.3 Laser Cannons
Two SFS M-g-2 General Purpose Warhead Launchers
SFS ND9 Hyperdrive Activator Unit
Forward/Rear projecting Novaldex Shields (100SBD); Titanium hull with Quadranium Steel armored Solar Panels

The TIE Advanced/Avenger is a single-hulled attack ship with bent wings, built from a design developed by Darth Vader just prior the Battle of Yavin. Vader flew a prototype TIE/Ad in the battle, and following the loss of the Death Star, he worked with Seinar Fleet Systems to refine it. The 10-meter craft is very quick and agile.

The TIE Avenger was a version of the TIE Fighter based on the TIE Advanced x1 prototype, and was the precursor to the TIE Interceptor. The Avenger's wings were bent inward at the top and bottom, and the wing supports were strengthened with fins attached to the hull. It also has defelctor shields and a hyperdrive, which significantly added to its cost. Because of this, it was quickly phased out of production and replaced with the TIE Interceptor.

Now more common among the Imperial starfighter wings, the TIE Advanced shows a clear advantage over other TIE models such as the Interceptor because of its shields, which give the pilot added protection, and the hyperdrive, which opens many new possibilities for missions the TIE Advanced can be involved in without the support of a larger mother ship.

The Avenger received its nickname from Imperial pilots after its excellent performance in trials and special missions, and they hoped that this ship would be the retribution against the Rebels for what happened at the Battle of Yavin.

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