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Commercial Groups and Ships


Guild of Interstellar Merchants
Based on the planet Entralla, this Guild is comprised of commercial spacers who ply the spacelanes of the Pentastar Alignment.

Redshift Runner
This Z-10 Seeker was purchased used by Elga Arbo, who spent every credit she had - and a few she didn't - on making it the fastest ship in the Corellian Sector. The Bureau of Ships Services once recognized it as the fastest commercial ship on record, a fact the Arbo used to promote her courier business. Unfortunately for Arbo, her indebtedness caught up to her. Her financeer, Gydio Lucone, threatened to seize the ship if she failed to pay off her loans. Arbo disagreed, and a firefight broke out. In the end, Arbo was seriously wounded, and her co-pilot, Maceb Joodsen, stole the Redshift Runner and fled the sector.

Rim Commercial Mining
This corporation mined a number of planets in the Mid and Outer Rim Territories.

A Suwantek Systems starship design, the TL-1800 was a 30-meter-long craft which typical of most commercial freighters. It was lightly armed, poorly shielded, and slow. It was sometimes referred to as a "Waddle" by starship captains. Despite its appearance and perception, the TL-1800 was a reliable craft, especially after Suwantek replaced the Portal Delta nav computer with a more reliable Fabritech model. The TL-1800 required a pilot and co-pilot to operate, and could transport up to seven passengers and 110 metric tons of cargo, depending on the interior configuration. An additional 300 metric tons of cargo space could be realized with the addition of cargo pods. The TL-1800 was armed with a pair of laser cannons.

-Source: Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia