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Alee Aroval
This Nimbanese data forger was surrounded by rumors of great associations with the Klatooinan Trade Guild and the Hutts themselves. He never discussed his past, but nevertheless was one of the best forgers in the galaxy. He managed to obtain a Bureau of Ships Services interface plug, allowing him to make nearly perfect alterations to a starship captain's permits and licenses. Of course, his fees were commensurate with his workmanship.

Basz Maliyu
This Mon Calamari smuggler was believed to have been the traitor who betrayed the Syvris shadowport's location to the Empire. It was believed that Basz was once an Imperial slave, and many of his rivals attributed his ease with Imperial officers to this story. Others have said that he made friends with the Imperials to ensure his other business dealings weren't interfered with. Whatever the reason, he was shunned after the destruction of Syvris shadowport.

Blood Razors
This swoop gang originated on the planet Biivren. Despite their fearsome name, the Blood Razors were formed to assist those inhabitants who were outcast when the big corporations took over the planet. They trafficked black market goods to the underground, avoiding Imperial notice by covering their activities with swoop chases.

Bryce-Kelley, Hawker
This man and his partner, Rypka, traveled the Outer Rim Territories, looking for fellow spacers to rescue from bad situations. Bryce-Kelley believed that the more favors he spread around, the more he could collect on later. With this in mind, he and Rypka had a uncanny knack of showing up just when a fellow spacer needed them the most. The pair traveled in the bulky-seeming freighter, the Royal Mistress.

This Twi'leki spice merchant was a minor dealing in the Outer Rim, buying and selling spice along the Corellian Trade Spine. He was known to be a fair-weather friend to independent spacers, willing to employ them but unwilling to help them if they got into a jam.

Electronic Freightways
This mysterious company has no address, no board of directors, and no contact information. Any deep research has led to another company by the same name, which went out of business well before the Clone Wars. Electronic Freightways, nevertheless, contracts a great number of independent spacers to carry its cargoes across the galaxy. Spacers discover unusual requests suddenly pop up on their datapads, indicated where to pick up the cargo and how much the job with pay. The company always seemed to have in-depth knowledge of the spacers they employ, and ensure the confidentiality of their cargoes by packing them in heavily reinforced crates.

Grumme Vinn
This old Duros trader worked during the height of the New Order, plying the spacelanes with his starship, the Corsa-Vinn. The ship had been in his family for years, and had earned a reputation as a smuggling vessel. Grumme Vinn himself despised smugglers, and worked hard to make a name for himself as an honest trader. He often went out of his way to avoid helping a smuggler, in order to preserve his own hard-won battles for respect. As the Empire rose to power and more and more smugglers began helping the Alliance, Grumme found that his personal moral code was more of a burden than a blessing, but he nonetheless stuck with it.

Klatooinan Trade Guild
This famed commerical organization is actually just a front for several Hutt endeavors. Originally established several millennia before the New Order, the Guild was formed to provide Klatooinans a chance to work on planets far from their homeworld. Unfortunately for most Klatooinans, this meant they were sold into indentured servitude to the Hutts, working as shippers and smugglers. There were no official Guild halls, although it owned a number of warehouses and docking bays that were used as bases for the Guild's operations.

Maclain, Jerrod
The Imperial Moff who oversaw the governmental roles of the various royal Houses on the bust trading and commercial planet of Brentaal. Despite his position, Maclain was despised by the local Customs agency for his willingness to immerse himself in the business of Brentaal, instead of imposing the Emperor's will on the populace. Maclain made a small fortune playing the stock market on the planet, as well as supporting several of the shadier freighter pilots.

Macrebe, Rebba
This Alliance supply purchaser worked along the Trax Tube trade route during the Galactic Civil War.

Maxeena Sov'lya
This female Bothan was a petty crime lord who was also a member of Kothlis' high society. A native of Kothlis, she remained on the planet when her parents returned to Bothawui, taking control of the family enterprises and expanding her business into a small empire. Very few beings knew that she had extensive contacts in the criminal underworld, and she worked hard to keep them a secret. To preserve the secret, she left much of the day-to-day operations of her criminal activities to a Bothan she called Uncle Dravos.

Okeefe, Platt
This strikingly beautiful young woman was one of the galaxy's most famous smugglers. Platt was the daughter of parents who were members of one of Brentaal's more prominent trading houses. She was supposed to attend the commerce academy and learn about the family business, but the idea of being a stuffy businesswoman didn't appeal to her. After several boring years at school, she packed her meager belongings and hitched a ride aboard the Starlite Cloud. After two years on the Starlite Cloud, she crewed on the Ravelev for two years before joining the Klatooinan Trade Guild as a pilot. She owned the YT-1300 known as the Last Chance. Early in her career, Platt was captured and enslaved by Big Quince. A chance meeting with a fellow slave named Tru'eb Cholakk brought her a chance for escape. The two plotted against Big Quince, eventually stealing his personal shuttle and escaping captivity. Platt later repaid Tru'eb for his help, and the two developed a strong friendship. Platt often worked for the Alliance and the New Republic, but was by no means allied with them. She and Tru'eb often worked alone, although they often hired additional help as needs demanded. Shortly after the Battle of Endor, they teamed up with Dirk Harkness while working on Zelos II, when they became aware of the Imperial presence on the planet. They tipped off the New Republic to the location of the garrison, and Harkness went in to ensure the base was cleared out. However, the Republic's team was wiped out and Harkness was captured. Platt and Tru'eb both believed Harkness was worth rescuing, so they infiltrated the garrison and rescue him, along with Jai Raventhorn.

Pok Nar-Tan
This Nimanel served as the primary representative of the Klatooinan Trade Guild on the planet Boztrok, during the early years of the New Order. His offices were housed in an massive tower near Boztrok's main spaceport, and the tower served as its own port for the ships of the Guild. Nar-Tan was something of a crimelord, and he once hired Platt Okeefe as a pilot, shortly after she ended her tenure with Captain Kassler aboard the Ravelev. Nar-Tan later placed a small bounty on Platt's head for an unspecified offense.

Rasch, Dessiva
This attractive and deadly woman was one of the more powerful representatives of the Klatooinan Trade Guild. Always attened by a group of Kaltooinan bodyguards, she managed her operations from the moon Gall during the height of the New Order.

This independent freighter was owned and operated by Captain Kassler.

This Rodian owned Tulagn's Starship Outfitters, on the planet Wroona. He was a shady character who was always looking for ways to get more money for his merchandise than it was actually worth. He was also known to smugglers and independent spacers as a fence who could move almost any form of stolen goods. He kept a collection of worthless trinkets in his exterior assortment of items, and a spacer had only to bring one to Tulagn to indicate they had an item to fence. Tulagn would claim that the trinket was his last specimen, but then would invite the spacer into the back room to view other pieces.

This Ugnaught smuggler maintained a small criminal empire on the planet Kothlis. The leader of the Ubskai clan, he was a rival of Maxeena Sov'lya, although they often performed work for each other. Ukert also owned the Reclamations Services, Incorporated smelting and recycling operation on Kothlis. Unknown to most beings, Ukert served as a go-between for the Alliance, obtainin weapons from the Botha Ammunitions Corporation and hiding them in recycling bins for pick-up by Alliance agents.

This woman was a bounty hunter who preferred to wear Ubese battle armor. She often worked on retainer for Pok Nar-Ten, but usually made her services available to the highest bidder. Few beings ever saw her real face without dying, a mystique she cultivated to add to her prowess.

.Information gathered from the Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia