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Famous Fleets

14th Roving Line
This small Alliance fleet was under the command of Captain Qarl during the Galactic Civil War. Its mission was to harass Imperial starships traveling along the border between the Inner and Outer Rim Territories.

15th Deep Core Reserve Fleet
This Imperial Navy fleet was used to supplement the war efforts in the Core Worlds, during the early years of the New Order.

27th Denarian Fleet
This Old Republic Navy fleet was one of the first to be overhauled under the auspices of the New Order. Palpatine ordered some 250 Victory-class Star Destroyers decommissioned to make way for the new Imperial-class Star Destroyers. The Victories were stripped of weaponry and sold at auction to raise money for the Imperial war machine. The Corporate Sector Authority won the property rights to a majority of the Victories, which they re-outfitted and placed at the forefront of their own fleet.

Katana Fleet
This fleet of 200 Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruisers was commissioned by the Old Republic, during a period where such an expense was incredibly unjustified. However, the plan was approved based on the fact that they were fitted with full-rig slave circuitry to cut down on the huge crew size; only about 2,000 crewmen would be needed. Called "The Dark Force" due to their dark coloration and/or lack of interior lighting, they were lost on their maiden voyage when a hive virus invaded the crew. The dying crew tried to slave all the ships together, but the command crew was by this time also insane, and they blind-jumped into hyperspace and disappeared. Decades later, the rumors of the Dark Fleet were proved factual, when the location of the ships was discovered by Talon Kaarde. His information was given to the New Republic, but also stolen by Grand Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn's forces managed to get to the fleet just before the Republic, but both sides managed to secure parts of the fleet.

Black Sword Command
This was the Imperial Naval fleet assigned to defend the central part of the Empire's Rim Territorial holdings. The fleet itself was not known to the New Republic until Ayddar Nylykerka deciphered the data from the Gnisnal's datacore. The Black Sword Command was somewhat of a secret, and commanded part of the Koornacht Cluster. Like most other fleets in the Imperial Navy, its shipyards were ordered destroyed and evacuated after the Battle of Endor, but the Black Sword's shiypards were commandeered by the Yevethan slaves that worked in them. Nil Spaar led the revolt, and his teams recovered 44 Black Fleet warships, none smaller than a Victory-class Star Destroyer. Three Super-class Star Destroyers were part of the Black Fleet.