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Alland Yards
This starship repair facility was located some distance from the Koornacht Cluster, and was aligned with the New Republic.

Bacrana Shipyards
Located in Brak Sector, this independent starship construction facility remained outside Imperial control during the height of the New Order.

Bilbringi Shipyards
The Bilbringi shipyards were an Imperial depot, although they were open to most smugglers and other shippers. Thrawn used the shipyards regularly, and organized a trap to bring the Rebels there. But Thrawn was killed by his bodyguard, and the Imperials fled.

Black-15 shipyards

Chardaan Shipyards
This zero-gravity starship construction site was employed by the Alliance for the construction of the A-Wing starfighgter. Following the Battle of Endor, the shipyards were destroyed by Colonel Cronus. The orbital site produced nearly all varieties of Republic starfighters before it was attacked. The shipyards held their own against Cronus' fleet, taking out two Victory-class Star Destroyers and driving the fleet away.

Clariv Shipyards
This small starship production facility was loyal to the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War.

Corellian Shipyards
One of the oldest and most successful shipyards. Great success in the public market, as well as owning contracts with the Corellian Engineering Corporation and many smugglers and pirates.

Coyn Shipyards
This small starshipwright was based on the planet Coyn, and supplied Elrood Sector with a variety of custom-made ships.

Damorian Repair Yards

Elrood StarYards, Limited

Fondor Shipyards at Hosk Station
These shipyards are where Darth Vader's personal Super Star Destroyer, Executor, was created.

Ganrite Yards of Elrood
Constructs craft for Byblos Drive Yards.

This planet was the site of secret New Republic shipyards. The captured Star Destroyers Liberator and Emancipator were refitted there. Both were damaged when Imperial forces managed to discover the shipyards and attack them.

Jaemus shipyards
The Jaemus Shipyards were located on Bescane, and operated by Galentro Heavy Works. Here was built the Enforcer-class picket cruiser for the Empire.

Kuat Drive Yards
The planet of Kuat was of prime importance to the New Order, for the Kuat Drive Yards there was among the first to mass-produce warships for the Empire. The relationship blossomed, and the Kuat Drive Yards were made into the primary facility for the construction of Star Destroyers.

Rendili/Vaufthau Shipyards Limited
One of the many alliances Rendili entered into, the work with Vaufthau resulted in the creation of the Invincible-class Dreadnaught heavy cruiser.

Sluis Can Shipyards
This orbital shipyard is controlled by the Sluissi. In a stationary orbit around Sluis Van, the shipyard is a long, multi-segmented station with a wide central tunnel. Each of sixteen modules contains starship repair facilities, along with living accommodations and shops.

StarForge Shipyards

Tagge Industries Shipyards Limited
The starship division of the huge TaggeCo empire, these shipyards produced the Modular Taskforce Cruiser for the Empire.

Tallaan Shipyards Orbital Repair Depot
This was the primary construction facility used by Tallaan Shipyards. It was located in orbit around Tallaan itself, and was constructed from a collection of aging spheres and platforms which could handle anything from a starfighter to an Imperial-class Star Destroyer.

Tallaan Imperial shipyards
This starship manufacturer was based on the planet Tallaan during the height of the New Order, and built most of its designs at its orbital repair depot.

Thomork Shipyards
Built the first World Devastator

Ubrikkian Yards
The shipyards where Ubrikkian manufactures its repulsorlift vehicles.

Uquine Ship Yards
This now-defunct starship manufacturer produced a number of specialized designs, including the TriAstra Belter craft.