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Ali Tarrak
This pirate was able to steal several TIE Defenders from the Empire in the Yrrna System.

This being was a member of the Vibroaxe Squadron of pirates.

Arwen Cohl
This notorious pirate was hired by the militant wing of the Nebula Front, during the last decades of the Old Republic, to harass Trade Federation convoys.

Bandits of Ggy-ynt
This pirate gang operated during the early years of the New Order.

Bazak's Gang
This was the name of the pirate organization commanded by Lekk Bazak, and which worked for Eelien Kirat on the outer edges of Brak Sector. Theor base was located on a planet which had been abandoned by the Lant Mining Corporation.

Beeli, Venslas
This noted pirate was one of the most feared pirates of the New Order. Little was known of his background, but except that he first appeared as an out-of-work spacer in the Outer Rim Territories. After gaining employment on a pirate ship, Beeli found his own calling: seizing other ships. He was famous for his headlong rushes into a captured ship, blasters blazing as he quickly secured it for his group. When the pirate group broke up, Beeli joined forces with several other pirates and formed the Solar Terrors. They were hunted down by the Empire and Beeli quickly surrendered. He was approached by Vocis Kenit and offered a deal: his life in return for service to the Empire. Beeli agreed to help Kenit by pretending to be a privateer team hoping to join the Alliance. In this way, Kenit hoped the Solar Terrors would hunt down the Far Orbit. To insure Beeli's cooperation, Kenit infected the Solar Terrors with Vira606, and rationed out the serum as the pirates performed their roles.

Big Jak Targrim
This four-armed, hulking alien was the pirate leader of the Riders of the Maelstrom. His genetic structure has been altered over time by the addition of gene material from various evil criminals and warlords to make him even more ruthless and evil. This plicing of genetic patterns has resulted in Big Jak having a wildly-variable personality, as each of the genetic patterns tries to assert itself. His face was scarred in battle. Big Jak resented the intrusion of Rodin Higron's pirate group on Oasis, and schemed to capture a large ship passing through the Maelstrom. Once he was in control of a large ship, he would set it on autopilot to crash into Oasis and destroy Higron's pirates. Big Jak's chance came when the Kuari Princess made its way through the Maelstrom. The Riders were able to board the luxury liner and gain control of its bridge. His plot was foiled by the timely intervention of Alliance agents, who were on board the ship trying to thwart the plans of Imperial Moffs Vanko and Torpin. Big Jak managed to escape before the Alliance agents could capture him.

Black Hole Pirates
Founded by Hethra Mcgrrrr, this pirate band marauded the Delphon System during the early years of the New Order.

Blue Star Pirates
This gang of space pirates was active during the last decades of the Old Republic,and were discovered to have a cache of military-grade weapons at their disposal. It was later learned that the weapons were provided by the crimelord Jalla Spree.

Bonestar Pirates
This group of Corellian rogues was once led by Loka Hask. During this time, they were pursued by the Corellian Security forces for several crimes. An interstellar chase resulted in the pirates landing on Gus Treta to create a diversion. The diversion involved the destruction of a fuel depot, owned by the Antilles family. The devastation, caused when the pirates lifted off while still coupled to the fuel dispensers, destroyed the Antilles' depot and killed Jagged and Zena Antilles. Wedge Antilles was safely off the station when the "accident" occurred. He and Booster Terrik pursued the pirates, destroying their ship and leaving them for dead.

Buula's Raiders
This pirate gang worked for Buula Nen during the Galactic Civil War. Like most of Buula Nen's operations, the Raiders were based out of Buula's Rocky Home.

Cavrilhu Pirates
Agroup of marauders who wreaked havoc in the Amorris system. They were led by Captain Zothip, who manages their operations from the Void Cutter. They maintained several bases in the area, including a base deep in the Kauron asteroid belt. This base was compromised and abandoned about ten years after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn, when Luke Skywalker went in search of the clones being used byZothip.

This Rodian pirate is somewhat more cultured than his average relative, but still has a mean streak. Chordak did not use violence for the thrill of violence, which was a departure from the Rodian norm. He plied the spacelanes in his freighter, the Oo-ta Goo-Ta, travelling though the Minos Cluster and springing traps on unsuspecting transports. His usual plan of attack was to wait in a spaceport, searching for a suitable target. He then placed an explosive charge on the transport, which he could remotely detonate. He then followed the transport through hyperspace to its destination, where he would detonate the explosive. The crippled ship would then be easy prey. Chordak had hoped to catch the attention of the Imperial forces which occupied the Cluster during the Galactic Civil War, but never received an Imperial commission.

This Givin pirate was, at one time, a priest among his people and an expert in "transfinite hyperspacial mathematics." He dreamed of being rich, and resigned his priesthood after the Fractal Heresy. He soon found work as an astrogator aboard a bulk freighter, but his xenophobia forced him to find other work. He was later employed by a the Duros who owned the Tesserahedron, which Chrag'mak'al eventually purchased out from underneath the Duros and manned with Givin officers. He used the Givin's ability to survive for a short period in hard vacuum to his advantage during boarding operations, breeching his victims' ships and allowing the interior atmosphere to bleed out, killing all aboard but leaving the ship open to Givin takeover.

This legendary space pirate and smuggler was described as a hairy humanoid with oily green skin. He hid out in the Hoth asteroid belt, lying in wait for ships to fly too close to it. He was never found, because he kept hopping around the asteroid field, relocating his base and hiding until he could strike again. Clabburn was known to leave a space slug living in his abandoned bases, further eliminating any pursuit.

Crimson Nova Pirates
This group of outlaws worked near the planet of F'Dann IX. They were hunted by Imperial forces, led by Pter Thanas and the Dominant, and were able to keep the Imperials at bay for some time.

Dark Wing
This was the name of the small pirate fleet established by Abin-Ral-Xufush during the New Order. It consisted of a bulk cruiser, three CR90 corvettes, and 20 assorted starfighters. Their ultimate goals were never known, but they had several tactics which made them stand out. They almost always freed the crews of the ships they attacked, unless the crew resisted capture. Then Abin-Ral-Xufush ordered his pirates to execute them immediately. Slave cargoes were always stolen by the Dark Wing fleet, although they were never seen again. Many believed the slaves were absorbed into the pirate fleet's crew.

Degan Pirates
This was the name given to the raiders who operated in the Dega System during the last decades of the Old Republic. The Degan Pirates were decimated when they tried to attack a Trade Federation convoy, only to discover that Trade Federation Battleships - loaded with droid starfighters - had been hidden within the convoy.

Denuab Venithon
This Ithorian and his twin brother, Dorin, were among the most vicious pirates of the New Order. This made them a great aberration to the normally placid Ithorian people. Formerly members of such notable groups as the Fivaran Organization, the Bandits of Ggy-ynt, and the Yarnak Gang, the Venithon Twins joined the Hy'thor Pirates shortly before the Battle of Yavin. The Twins left the Fivaran Organization after a failed raid on the Alliance Special Forces vessel Hauler VI, and fled to the Hy'thor gang, where they quickly established themselves as cruel leaders. They were even made special ambassadors to Safonne Pendon's gang. Whereas Dorin was belligerent and bullish, Denuab was somewhat reasonable and diplomatic.

Des'maric Pirates
This band of space pirates operated in the area between Minos Cluster and Kathol Sector during the early years of the New Republic. Led by Miktiss, they worked the Trition Trade Route by obtaining information on convoy schedules in a deal with Crev Bombaasa. The Des'maric Pirates used the freighter Asagov Raider as their base, and attacked their targets in a trio of brightly painted Skipray BlastBoats.

Drach'nam's pirates

Radell Mining Corporation. Its ownership was disputed by the Scourge, a pirate gang who tried to claim it as their own.

Dharus' Buccaneers
This was the name used to describe the pirate force which worked for Dharus.

Disac Pirates
This group of pirates made a living along the Sisar Run, until the Nalroni crimelord Sprax had his forces eliminate them. Sprax requested that Ket Maliss - who was working directly for Prince Xizor - take on the job, and the bounty hunter was extremely successful.

Drell pirates

Eyttyrmin Batiiv
A band of pirates from the Khuiumin system who wreaked havoc in the galaxy during the early years of Palpatine's New Order. They maintained a small armada of 70 starfighters, 50 star yachts, 28 corvettes, and a number of civilian ships; the fleet numbers more than 140 ships. They were wiped out in an attack by the Empire: 8,000 pirates started the battle, 272 emerged from it.

A pirate Captain known as the Pirate Prince, Fandar was, at one time, ranked as high a sixth on the Empire's "most wanted" lists. He ravaged Imperial space, stealing whatever he could. He was employed briefly by the Alliance, in an attempt to harass and disrupt Imperial shipping lanes.

Fivaran Organization
This pirate gang operated during the early years of the New Order. Nearly all the Fivaran pirates were killed or captured shortly before the Battle of Yavin, when they mistakenly attacked the Alliance Special Forces vessel Hauler VI. The pirates believed it was a civilian vessel, since it carried no obvious Alliance markings. Denuab and Dorin Venithon escaped as soon as they realized the mistake.

The name used by the mercenaries and pirates of the planet Aquaris. They joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic following the Battle of Yavin.

This band of pirates worked the area of space near Hargeeva during the height of the New Order. They were known for their unique armor, which made them look like scaled swamp creatures. The armor contained a special backpack which could spout methane or other gas at the touch of a button, helping to deter any pursuit.

Ghilron Pirates
This gang of shipjackers and thieves plied the Ac'fren Spur of the Sisar Run, and were the main rivals for the spoils of the Spur of the Disac Pirates. After the Ghilron gang witnessed the extermination of the Disac gang, they went into hiding.

Hawk-bat Independent Space Force
This was the name of the pirate identities used by Wraith Squadron during their attempt to infiltrate Warlord Zsinj's forces. Several of the Wraiths donned makeup and became Hawk-bats, in order to hide their identities from anyone they met with. The Hawk-bats concentrated their early efforts on the planet Halmad, which was just outside Zsinj's area of control. Their base was situated in an abandoned mine, designated A3 by Tonheld Mining Corporation, within a large asteroid in the Halmad system. After stealing several TIE Interceptors from the garrison in Hullis, and pirating the cargoes of a number of Halmad-based shippers, Zsinj finally stepped in and took protective control of Halmad. He then offered the Hawk-bats a chance to join him, rather than fight against him. They agreed to participate in Zsinj's raid on Kuat, where the New Republic's forces - led by Han Solo and the Mon Remonda - nearly caught the rogue Warlord.

This Togorian pirate was one of a group which tried to intercept Darth Maul while the Sith apprentice was en route to Tatooine to capture Queen Amidala.

This small pirate group was controlled by Golov Nakhym, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Hurrim was employed by Toburik Haulers to provide protection and support for its transport ships. They later provided assistance to the Empire, during the Imperials' attempt to disrupt the smugglers who were supplying the Alliance with arms and supplies prior to the Battle of Endor. In order to secure their supply lines, the Alliance destroyed the Hurrim base and captured Golov Nakhym.

Hy'thor Pirates
This pirate gang, led by the Nalroni Ompiach, operated during the early years of the New Order. They raided the Mieru'kar area of the galaxy almost exclusively, primarily because the pickings were so good.

This was New Republic pilots' slang for the pirates who worked for Leonia Tavira, and were supported by her Star Destroyer, the Invidious.

This loose affiliation pirate and mercenary groups was extremely pro-Alliance in their stance during the Galactic Civil War. The groups which made up the Irregulars were scattered across the galaxy, and harried the Empire's supply convoys in order to help the Alliance.

This man was the Captain of the Martinette, and leader of a gang of pirates which plied the spacelanes of Fakir Sector, near Masterhome, during the Galactic Civil War. The pirates were nearly wiped out when they attempted to waylay the crew of the Long Shot near Masterhome, but the Alliance ship was able to drive off the pirates. Jayhawk and his crew limped away from the battle more or less intact.

This Quarren was the leader of a band of pirates based on Fluwhaka. His pirates attacked several New Republic supply ships about five years after the Battle of Yavin, and he was placed on the Republic's Most Wanted list. Jodo Kast took a Republic bounty to hunt down Jerresk's pirates, after Jerresk himself was captured by Republic fighter pilots.

Khuiumin Survivors
This pirate group was formed form the remains of the Eyttyrmin Batiiv pirates who survived the attack of the Bombard and the Crusader. Their de facto leader was Jacob Nive. They eventually left Khuiumin System and took up residence on Nal Hutta, and later joined the Invid pirate fleet assembled under Leonia Tavira. They then moved back to Khuiumin, establishing a base on Courkrus. They vowed to get revenge on the two captains of the Imperial Star Destroyers.

Kliap Pirates
This pirate gang executed several flashy raids in the Kliap Sector, during the early years of the New Order.

Laerron Woern
This Elomin pirate was known to indiscriminately raid Imperial and Alliance vessels, as well as civilian vessels, from a base in the Drup's Star System. After the Battle of Endor, he began focusing his effort on New Republic ships. His actions were considered disgraceful by the leaders of Elomin society, who placed a 10,000-credit bounty on his head. His base is a large planetoid known as Woern's Asteroid, and his command ship is a modified Gamma-class assault shuttle. At the height of his influence, Woern commanded over 200 different pirates of all species.

Lamuu Bianco
This Herglic pirate was known for his daring raids on luxury ships passing through Tapani Sector via the Rimma Run. He founded the shadowport known as Port Bianco on the planet Lammax, originally as a safe haven for his ships to "winter" in between tourist seasons. Over time, the port grew to provide services to other spacers, and flourished during the Galactic Civil War.

Toka Hosk
the pirate chieftain who was responsible for the deaths of Wedge Antilles' parents.

Lorell Raiders
The pirates who originally settled the Hapes Cluster, they used to raid the outer fringes of the Old Republic's territories, stealing women and supplies, until the Jedi Knights got involved, and were forced to eliminate the Raiders.

A group of pirates operating in the Tungra Sector, the Mugaari were supporters of the Alliance, although they took no official position during the Galactic Civil War. Their base was destroyed in an Imperial raid shortly after the Battle of Hoth

Nanth'ri Pirates
This infamous group of space raiders were united under Celis Mott. They preyed upon ships that flew through the Nanthri Route. The pirates found themselves without a leader when Mott was captured by the Alliance and perished in Otherspace, and disbanded soon after Mott's diappearance.

Nelroni Marauders
This ancient group of pirates was based on the planet Voon until they took control of the Hyabb-Twith Corridor, nearly 1,000 years after the Great Sith War. They preyed upon the ongoing feud between the governments of Hyabb and Twith, and eventually the Marauders established a base on Dachat. The Old Republic demanded that the Jedi Knights step in and remove the Nelroni threat. In what became known as the Hyabb-Twith Campaigns, the Jedi eventually rooted the Nelroni out of their bases on Voon and Dachat. The battles wages for several years before the Jedi - led by Arca Jeth - managed to eliminate the Nelroni threat.

Night Fangs
This pirate group was operative during the height of the New Order.

Nok Cartel
This band of pirates was based on the planet Abregado-re during the height of the New Order.

This Feeorin was known as a pirate who ambushed ships from a secret base on the Naboo System, although the base's location was never discovered. Nym was known as a tactical genius as well as a scoundrel, and his piracy of Trade Federation convoys earned him a considerable bounty. When regular channels failed to bring him into custody, the Federation hired Vana Sage to capture Nym. She was able to lure Nym and his crew into a trap when they tried to sell off a load of experimental Scalp-Hunter blasters they obtained from the Trade Federation. Despite her success, Nym's crew soon rescued him from the Federation's control. Nym piloted his ship, the Havoc, during the Battle of Naboo, helping the Naboo break the Trade Federation's blockade and helping restore trade to the system. This allowed Nym to continue his piracy as well.

Phosphura Belt Pirates
A group of highly-organized pirates patrolling the Phosphura Belt Nebula.

Red Fury Brotherhood
This was one of two primary pirate organizations which survived in the Cularin System, during the era of the Battle of Naboo. The Brotherhood allied themselves with Nirama, and were given a good deal of work smuggling personnel and supplies into the system underneath the watchful eyes of the Old Republic.

A pirate cargo ferry group destroyed by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War as it tried to deliver supplies to the Alliance.

Riistar's Raiders
This pirate group was a member of the Invid conglomerate, and was the chief rival of the Khuiumin Survivors.

An alien race of pirates that tried to ransom a captured TIE Defender scientist back to the Empire. They were double-crossed by the Imperials, losing the scientist and the ransom money.

Safonne Pendon
This male Rodian was the leader of a group of pirates that targetted New Republic convoys and ambushed them. Pendon's pirates then forced the crews of the ships to surrender before taking possession of the ships and their cargoes. The Rodian maintained a base on the cold world of Seltaya, hidden within the cave systems that exist naturally below the icy surface. He maintained a modest, though effective, fleet of ships, led by the Corvette Safonne's Sword.

Silent Blades
This group of pirates was eventually wiped out by Captain Kenit and the Far Orbit, but took out a full squadron of Imperial starfighters and caused considerable damage to the Far Orbit before succumbing. The survivors eventually formed the Tarnished Blades.

Skandrei Bandits
This group of cutthroat pirates was extremely active in the Kathol Outback during the early years of the New Republic. They maintained a fleet of capital ships and support craft that was rivaled only by the Imperial Navy fleet assigned to Kathol Sector, making them a formidable opponent. This firepower made them virtually unstoppable, and they attacked wherever and whenever they chose. The Skandrei later allied themselves with Gorak Khzam and the Sabriador Slavers, in an effort to eliminate the Qektoth Confederacy. During the Battle of Kathol, the Skandrei agreed to help Khzam defeat the FarStar as well as the Confederacy, but their combined forces were not enough to overcome the Imperial warships in orbit arounf Kathol. The Skandrei Bandits and the Sabriador Slavers were both destroyed in the battle.

Solar Terrors
This pirate group was formed by Venslas Beeli and several other pirates, during the early days of the New Order. The Terrors were infamous for their ability to capture other starships, which was their primary method of acquiring new ships for their own use. The Terrors were captured by Imperial Captain Lev Kepzen and the Feral, and used in the effort to locate the Far Orbit. The Empire forced the Terrors to act like privateers hoping to help the Alliance out.

This man was the pirate captain who staged an assault on Naboo's TFP-9 space station, shortly before the Battle of Naboo. He commanded the assault from his flagship, the Velumina. He claimed to have been employed by Challep, the planetary governor of Agamar, who wanted to obtain several of the Naboo N-1 starfighters and a Naboo Police Cruiser, in an effort to reverse-engineer the Nubian drives and bolster his own security force. Sorran was told that Dren Melne, a member of Naboo's Bravo Squadron, would assist in obtaining the starships. However, Dren didn't count on resistance from Essara Till and the loyal Naboo pilots of Echo Flight. When it became apparent that Dren would be unable to deliver the starfighters, Sorran ordered Dren's own ship destroyed, in an effort to remove any link back to his employers. The Velumina then jumped into hyperspace and disappeared.

Space Pirates of Iridium
This group of Old Republic bandits raided spice haulers using power gems. They were finally stopped by the Jedi Knights.
Pirates of the planet Iridium used special power gems to generate a disruptive aura that allowed them to break through starship shields. Raskar held the last of the usable gems, until Han Solo and Chewbacca wrested it from him.

Stalimur Pirates
This notorious pirate gang was active during the height of the New Order.

Tarnished Blades
This pirate gang was formed from the survivors of the Silent Blades group, which was routed by Vocis Kenit and the Far Orbit before its crew mutinied. They were led by Shel Marcino, who decided to help the Far Orbit out, especially if it meant getting a chance to strike back at Vocis Kenit.

Thalassian Slavers
This undisciplined group of slavers were more like pirates than slavers. They tend to resort to piratical methods, such as hijacking starships, when times get tough.

This was a clan of pirates. The Vallaido gang was a rival of the Seville pirates led by Yearo Seville, until the Sevilles forged an alliance with the Empire. The Sevilles then "borrowed" Imperial warships to attack and decimate the Vallaido fleet.

Venithon Twins
This was this nickname used by Denuab and Dorin Venithon, a pair of infamous Ithorian pirate raiders. They were last seen in the employ of Safonne Pendon.

Vibroaxe Squadron
This group of space pirates assisted Warlord Zsinj in his attempt to steal the Razor's Kiss. Their leader was a high-strung Devaronian male who was extremely irate at Zsinj and his forces after the attempt, since the Vibroaxes had no idea they'd be assaulting Kuat itself. They had planned on fighting X-Wings and Y-Wings, and they were unable to change tactics quickly enough to avoid over fifty percent losses of hardware and pilots.

Void Demons
A band of pirates which makes its home in the Isen System, on the moon Isen IV, the Void Demons were led by Aban Ghart during the height of the Galactic Civil War.

Void Wings
This pirate group was operative during the height of the New Order.

Xhaxin, Urias
This white-haired, white bearded pirate captain owned and operated the Nebulon-B frigate Free Lance. His band spent much of its time attacking Imperial supply ships, both during the Galactic Civil War and into the era of the New Republic. They were quite successful during the early years of the New Republic, as the Republic spent its time tracking down the remnants of the Empire and turning a blind eye to piracy. However, after the negotiated peace between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic, Xhaxin found the pickings growing slimmer and slimmer. He was forced to being arranging for travel of supply ships himself, advising them to fly along spacelanes that his pirates regularly patrolled. While making trying to ambush a convoy near Bastion, the Free Lance encountered a Yuuzhan Vong warship and was nearly destroyed. Xhaxin and his crew made a blind jump into hyperspace to escape, and were forced to obtain aid from the Republic. In turn, Xhaxin relayed the information of the Yuuzhan Vong attack. His left hand was a cyberneic prosthesis, required to repair an old injury. He was known by the nickname of Grayclaw, a reference to the gray bantha-hide glove he used to cover the prosthesis.

Yarnak Gang
This pirate gang operated during the early years of the New Order.