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Xm-1 Missile Boat
Cygnus Spaceworks/Thrawn
Combat Designation
Advanced Space Superiority Fighter
Power System
Iotek 11k ion power cells/ionization reactor
Propulsion System
Cygnus 5K9 Dual Line ion engines
Flight Control System
Miradyne RCS-8 flight avionics system

SFS N-s9.6 Navcon computer system
1 pilot
Speed Rating/Acceleration
122 MGLT/ 21 MGLT per second (Speed and acceleration doubled when SLAMs are in use)
Maneuverability Rating
91 DPF
One Taim & Bak KX6 Laser Cannon
Two SFS M-s-8 Advanced Concussion Missile Launchers (20 missiles each) Two General Purpose Warhead Launchers
Cygnus HD7 Hyperdrive Activator Unit
Forward/Rear projecting Novaldex Shields (120SBD); Quadranium Steel armored Titanium hull

Introduced as an even deadlier upgrade to the Assault Gunboat, the Missile Boat is the elite long-distance weapons fighting platform. Designed by Cygnus under the commission of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Missile Boat quickly made a name for itself, becoming an object of terror to convoys, starfighter pilots, and capital ship crews alike. A single Missile Boat can hold up to 80 concussion missiles, an unprecedented amount of fire power for a ship of that size.

Though deadly from long-range, Imperial pilots dislike the Missile Boat once they get into the thick of combat. A single weak laser cannon and bad maneuverability make the Missile Boat vulnerable in dogfights. For this reason it is best to dispatch a flight of TIE Advanced or Defenders to guard the Missile Boats and dogfight, freeing up the Missile Boat to sow death from long range.

Because of the Missile Boat's production cost and its dogfighting handicap, the Missile Boat has not become as common in Imperial fleets as many anticipated.

TIE Short Range Fighter
TIE/ln Font Line Fighter
TIE/rc Reconnaissance Fighter
TIE/rc mkII "Vanguard"
TIE/fc Fire Control Fighter
TIE Interceptor
TIE/ad Advanced
TIE/de Defender
TIE/st V38 "Phantom"
TIE/ae Aerodynamic-Enhanced
TIE/co "Commando"
TIE/fci Fire Control Interceptor
TIE/gt Ground Support Fighter
TIE Bomber
TIE Scimitar
TIE/bc Boarding Craft
TIE/sh Shuttle
TIE/ts Training System
TIE/ew Electronic Warfare
TIE/tb Torpedo Bomber
TIE/e1 m1 Remote Control
TIE/e2 m2 Remote Control
TIE/e3 m3 Remote Control
TIE/e4 m4 Remote Control
TIE/e5 m5 Remote Control
TIE/src Long-range Scout
TIE/aq Aquatic Fighter
TIE/d Automated Droid Fighter
TIE/rpt "Raptor"
XG-1 "Assault Gunboat"
Cygnus Missile Boat
I-7 Howlrunner
A-9 Vigilance Interceptor