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Mon Calamari Shipyards

MC80a Star Cruiser

Having been relatively isolated from the Republic and Empire, the Mon Calamari's vessels were originally meant for exploration of surrounding star systems. However, when the Empire attempted to bring their planet under its control, the Calamari converted it's well-built craft to very capable warships. The Mon Calamari eventually joined the Alliance and New Republic, and their contributions of warships gave them significant influence in those organizations.

Their first starships were quite successful, but their dreams of a peaceful life in space was cut short. As with most other alien races, the Mon Cal were simply exploring the galaxy when they were discovered by the Empire. They were quickly put on Palpatine's list of races to subjugate. However, the Mon Cal were one of the few races that put up a fight in the face of certain doom. The normally-peaceful Mon Cal learned quickly from the tactics of the Imperial invaders, and were able to drive them off. This solidified the Mon Cal psyche, and they decided to join the Alliance and overthrow Palpatine's New Order. After serving the Alliance at the Battle of Endor, the Mon Cal have continued to be persecuted by the remnants of the Empire. Calamari was the first place the reborn Palpatine took his World Devastators, and was later attacked by Admiral Daala, in an attempt to show her superiority. The Mon Cal, along with Quarren and the New Republic, have driven back all attempt to take the planet.

Home One
MC40a Star Cruiser
MC80 Star Cruiser
MC80a Star Cruiser
MC80B Star Cruiser
MC90 Star Cruiser
Light Cruiser
Star Defender

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