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Alliance Escort Carrier

Alliance Escort Carrier
Combat Designation
Starfighter Transport
Starfighter Capacity
Six Squadrons
20 Laser Cannons

Designed as a mobile base on which to carry smaller Republic craft, the Alliance Escort Carrier is found in the rear of many New Republic fleets. First serving around the time of the Ssi-Ruuk invasion, the Alliance Escort Carrier showed that it excelled not only as a starfighter transport, but also as a mobile repair station, as well as a strategic command ship, from which a battle can be overseen from a distance. Carrying a full wing of starfighters, the Alliance Escort Carrier is equipped with laser cannons with which to repel attacking enemy starfighters, and it can also defend itself against smaller cruisers. Generally, however, Alliance Escort Carriers will stay on the battle perimeter.

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