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Nebulon-B Escort Frigate

Nebulon EF76-B Escort Frigate
Kuat Drive Yards
Combat Designation
Escort Starship
300 meters
920 (77 officers, 843 enlisted)
12 Taim & Bak XI 7 Turbolasers (computer assisted targeting)
12 Borstel RH8 Laser Cannons
Two Phylon-Q7 Tractor Beam Projectors
Fighter Capacity
Two squadrons

The designation of the Kuat Drive Yards EF76B Escort ship, the Nebulon-B Escort Frigate is a strangely-shaped ship that has a long, thin hull with its main decks hanging off the front end and the engines hanging off the rear. It measured 300 meters in length. They are slow, unwieldy ships, and were designed to carry a number of TIE Fighters as protection. Originally built for Imperial escort duty just after the Battle of Yavin, the Alliance was able to capture a number of them intact, and used these frigates as medical ships. They had a normal crew of 920. They were built at a cost of 194,000,000 credits, not quite a fifth the cost of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. The Nebulon-B Frigate boasts the following shipboard systems: * 12 Borstel RH8 Laser Cannon Batteries * 2 Phylon-Q7 Tractor Beam Projectors * Serridge SEAL Shielding System (rated at 160 SBD) * 12 Taim and Bak XI7 Turbolaser Batteries * Plat Dromma Targetting Computer * Triple Tam Stardrive and Hyperdrive Motivator * Fabritech ANs 9.5w Wide Range Sensor System * Fighter Bays: - 1 X-wing or 1 A-wing Squadron and 1 Y-wing Squadron. KDY also produced a modified version of the Nebulon-B frigate, aptly named the Nebulon-B2. The primary difference between the B and the B2 is in the forward section of the ship. The Nebulon-B has a deep-based forward pod that extends well below the aft engine section. The Nebulon-B2 has a smaller forward pod, comparable in size to the engine pod. Attached the smaller pod, in order to gain stability, are two downward-planed wings. It is otherwise exactly the same as the original Nebulon-B. (source: Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia)

The Nebulon-B Escort Frigate was designed primarily to combat starfighters and to combat with capital ships. It is relatively weak compared to other capital ships. However, few of the older ships outside Star Destroyers can effectively combat this frigate. The fact that so many have fallen into Rebel hands to the point that they are a common sight in Rebel fleets is a cause for concern.

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