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X-200 W-Wing
Mon Calamari Shipyards
Combat Designation
Stealth Fighter
1 pilot, 1 navigator or passenger
Propulsion System
4 Mon Calamari XV16B Stealth, emissionless engines
Speed Rating
120 MGLT
Two Laser Cannons
One Concussion Missile Laucher

Forward/Rear Projecting Heavy Mon Calamari ML-60 Shields; Titanium Alloy hull

Like the C-Wing, the W-wing is another Rebel fighter that never made it to the prototype stage. Plans for this fighter were uncovered by Imperial spies on Mon Calimari. Although not heavily armed, or particularly fast, the Rebel W-wing fighter is extremely dangerous because it is the Rebels' first attempt at a stealth fighter, in answer to the TIE Phantom. The ship relies on a new type of cloaking technology previously unseen and untried. Older cloaking technologies, such as that used by the TIE Phantom, relied upon generating massive fields of energy which could disguise a ship or even render it invisible to all forms of tracking. The massive amounts of energy needed to cloak a ship prevents the technology from being applied to smaller ships. Up until the Vorknx Project, it was thought that only the Empire's V-38 assualt fighters possessed the ability to cloak, but only for short periods of time. The Rebels have tried a different approach to cloaking. Instead of generating a field of energy around the ship the new cloaking technology is built directly into the outer layers of the ship's skin. The outer skin is coated with a fine layer of synthetic material which works to simulate the ship's surroundings. The material is so sensitive that it can change appearances quickly enough to fool any tracking sensors. The rounded curves of the fighter further augment this ability as sharp edges would be much more difficult to conceal. The outer skin also completely absorbs any form of active sensing radiation such that no data returns to an enemy vessel to pinpoint the fighter's location. This produces a rather organic effect, as if the ship is living, a characteristic of Mon Calamari space vessels. The W-wing is extremely expensive and slow to produce. If the Rebels had ever got prototype fighters online they could have posed a serious hazard to Imperial operations throughout the galaxy. It appears that the Rebels were forced to dump the project after the Imperials stole the plans.

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