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Starship Tactics

Ackbar Slash
This desperate starship maneuver was developed by the Alliance's Admiral Ackbar. The slash involved sending your warships directly through the line formed by your opponent's ships at top speed. If done correctly, and if the Force was with you, this maneuver resulted in two things. First, any of the opponent's ships who missed your ships actually shot up their own ships. Second, it scattered the opponent's ships, breaking their line.

Cracken Twist
An escape maneuver developed by Pash Cracken in which a team of escort ships maneuvers into an assumed flight path that is altered based on the countdown to the start of the new maneuver. If the maneuver is to start on the count of 2, the correct flight plan is found by adding 2 to the second number of each coordinate.

Kenobi Offensive
A series of military maneuvers employed by Obi-wan Kenobi, when he was a general with the Old Republic. The Offensive revolved around the use of a large number of smaller ships, which executing small attacks on the enemy fleet in an effort to draw a portion of the fleet out of formation. Once out of formation, the enemy ships could be destroyed by a reserve offensive task force, which could then rush behind enemy lines through the hole created in the main formation. In theory, the enemy's ships would be unable to fire on attacking ships as they passed through the line, because any stray fire would strike their own ships. Over time, Alliance military leaders simplified the strategy, simply placing ships where the enemy wouldn't expect them to be, and then attacking the main enemy force from within.

Limited Barrage Pattern
This offensive military maneuver is designed to make a targetted starship dodge one volley of laser-fire, only to run into another barrage.

Marg Sabl Closure Maneuver
An aggressive positioning in which the lead warship allows its support fighters to launch from behind the offensive line and then turn hard into the opposing force. Grand Admiral Thrawn used it to ambush an Elomin convoy near Obroa-Skai.

Segnor's Loop
A starship maneuver in which an attacking ship makes a quick run away from its target before doubling back for a second pass.

Smuggler's Reverse
A starship maneuver in which a ship under attack suddenly stops and swings around 180 degrees to face its attackers.

Tron Boral Maneuver
Sometimes described as esoteric, this starship maneuver was used by Grand Admiral Thrawn during his first sweep through New Republic space about five years after the Battle of Endor.

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