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Pirate and Smuggling Maneuvers

Barricade, The
This pirate tactic was one of the oldest known methods for stopping a ship in space. The pirate fleet would use tractor beams to move a large asteroid or other debris into the realspace location of a hyperspace travel route. The body would then create a mass shadow in hyperspace, forcing the target ship's hyperdrive to shut down and revert the ship to realspace. Once the target was in realspace, the pirates attacked at will while the target ship's command crew was still disoriented after being dragged out of hyperspace before their destination.

Covert shroud maneuver
An escape tactic that employs a ship hidden inside a larger ship. When the larger ship is caught by a tractor beam, the crew tries to auto-destruct the larger ship into a cluster of trac-reflective pieces (which confuse the tractor beam targetting system) while escaping in the smaller ship.

Dagger, The (Mercevian Nagua Maneuver )
Developed by Mercevian Nagua - and often known as the Mercevian Nagua Manevuer - this pirate tactic involved the use of a saboteur to disable a target ship's hyperdrive at a specific time, bringing the ship out of hyperspace near a pirate fleet. It was a risky maneuver for the agent placed aboard the target ship, because being discovered often meant certain death. A variation of this maneuver had the saboteur actually seize control of the bridge and bring the ship out of hyperspace themself, delivering it to the pirate fleet.

Blockade, The
This pirate maneuver placed a small fleet at the hyperspace exit point of a target vessel. The pirates blockaded the target's attempt to reach their destination, using surprise to ambush the ship and board it before a mayday call could be sent.

Corellian Carousel
This starship maneuver was invented by owners of YT-1300 light freighters. To help compensate for the lack of visibility due to the off-center placement of the cockpit, many YT-1300 owners will put the ship into a slow spin during landing. This spin - opposite the position of the cockpit - allows them to get a feel for their location and proximity during landing in tight spaces. This maneuver was later modified to allow pilots to check their position in heavy traffic situations, as well as during a firefight.

Koiogran Turn Maneuver
An escape tactic in which the fleeing ship changes course sharply and at higher speed to shake its pursuer.

A maneuver in which a starship briefly enters hyperspace to make a short trip over a small distance without being seen until the last moment.

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